About Whit

Hey, I’m Whit! The creator and writer behind this blog!

I have always had a strong desire to write. As a child I told stories of talking carrots and bologna. Yes… bologna. Over the years I have held so many different blog platforms talking about a multitude of different things and interest, but I could never say that any one of those platforms truly represented my true and natural essence. So now, I am beginning again. This time with a little more realness. I am choosing to put the focus of this blog on something that truly captures an interest that I have held for many, many years. My desire to seek God’s will for my life as well as choosing indulge in the simple pleasures of life are all apart of my journey to become the woman that God is calling me to be.

Therefore, I have divided this blog into three separate categories that will have topical post related to its category:

  1. Seek: Writings on my journey to seek God in all His glory and might.
  2. Indulge: Shared experiences & thoughts on indulging in the activities that I enjoy.
  3. Become: Lessons learned in trying to become better in all the areas in my life in which I seek to grow.


I hope you will find encouragement in my journey to becoming Whit.

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Simply becoming,