Covergirls Lip Kit Vs. Kylie Cosmetics

If you’ve been interested in trying a Kylie Cosmetic lip kit, but uninterested in dishing out the $29.00 that it retails for, Covergirl may have just come to your rescue with a duplicate that sales for $10.29.

I made an out of the ordinary stop at my local Rite Aide to purchase some medicine, when my eyes stumbled across the display that I have picture below.


I am a shameless fan of Kylie’s lip kits, so I am instantly attracted to any brand that seems to be doing their own version of it.  When I saw Covergirls display I was excited to see that I had an option to pick the only shade left that would suit my skin tone without any special liners


This is the packaging that each lip kit comes in. One of the reasons that the packaging caught my eye was because it held very similar resemblance to the packaging of Kylie’s Lip Kits.


The one thing that sets it apart from Kylie’s Kits is that it comes with a creme lipstick and lip pencil that you do not have to sharpen. Simply twist the bottom and voila! More product.

The lipstick is in the shade Infamous and the lip pencil is in the shade plum partner.



Here is where we compare. I took the liberty to swatch the Covergirl shade on my arm along side two Kylie colors that I thought it resembled the most.

First I  swatched all three lipsticks next to each other, and then I swatched all three lip liners. Below is the order in which they appear for both sets of swatches.

Top: Vixen (Kylie Cosmetics)

Middle: Infamous (Covergirl)

Bottom: Leo (Kylie Cosmetics)


As you can see, Leo seem to be the shade that best matches with Infamous, however I did note that the Covergirl lipstick does go on slightly patchy. The liners are practically the same shade for all three.

This photo below also shows what these swatches look like after they were on my arm for hours. They all faded from their original application, but the Kylie Cosmetics still held the most amount of pigmentation.



All in all, it was nice to try a lip kit for far less than what I would usually purchase it for, but it would seem that Kylie’s lip kits still hold the crown over Covergirl’s attempt.


Will you try Covergirls lip kits? let me know in the comments!



Much love,





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