My Routine Makeup Brushes

There is something about using a makeup brush that makes me feel like a real artist. When I am going through my daily cosmetic routine in the morning, I sometimes feel as if I am treating my face as if it were a blank canvas. The brushes help me to bring life and color to a face that is sometimes still struggling to be awake.  So, since makeup brushes have become such an essential part of my daily routine I wanted to share them with you.

Here are my top AFFORDABLE makeup brushes that I use to paint my face


Sonia Kashuk Flat-top Foundation Brush – $9.00


This one is great for applying my Fenty Beauty liquid foundation. It definitely allows me to buffer and blend easily. I will say that it is not the best brush when it come to trying to use a powder foundation.


e.l.f. Blush Brush – $3.00


I love that e.l.f. provides the names of what their brushes could be used for on the brush itself. If they didn’t, ya girl would really struggle. Blush is one of my favorite colorful essentials to add to my face, so this angled blush brush really does well to add great pigmentation with a smooth finish.


e.l.f. Highlight Brush – $3.00


I am quickly and oh so subtly beginning to become a fan of highlight. I love the glow that it provides when it is applied with just the right amount of technique. The technique is what I am currently struggling with as a I dive into this area of cosmetics. I find that when I apply it I either look like the tin man from The Wiz, or it seems to go on very patchy. What I appreciate about this brush is that it helps me to blend out my highlight when I feel that I have applied too much.


I hope you enjoyed this short review of what I use to bring some spark to my face. If you have any special recommendations, please let me know in the comments!


Much love,



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