Drinking The Glossier Koolaid

The cult of Glossier has grabbed a whole of me. I thought I could slip by, but when you consume as much media as I do in a given day, the resistance begins to weaken. Besides, I’m always looking for great new brands that carry my favorite beauty essentials. And it would seem that beauty essentials are exactly what Glossier specializes in.


While “window shopping” online, I decided to purchase a few more items than what I had originally planned. I obviously selected the items I had been intrigued with (Blush and lip balm) and purchased a few things that I was simply curious about (Mascara, eye shadow and eye brows liquid).

Here is a closer look at what I got:

  1. Cherry balm dotcom


Hands down my favorite. I am particular about the lip balm/chapstick that I choose to use. I am often running into products that make my lips dry within a few minutes of applying it. This cherry scented lib balm from Glossier definitely does not. It feels smooth and velvety, and I may be going back to their website to get the other scents.

2. Cloud Paint – Storm


To begin, I’ll say that this tube was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. But since I really like it, I’ll let the size pass. And really, I do like it. I apply it with an E.L.F. blush brush and I think it applies beautifully.

3. Lidstar – Fawn


I’m not an eye shadow girl. Smokey and colorful eyes are beyond me, and I’m okay with that. But I am all for a product that will bring some subtle fun to my lids without screaming for attention. This Lidstar product is the perfect tool for that. It brings shimmer and glimmer without being too much. It’s definitely something that I feel comfortable wearing in my corporate job.

4. Lash Slick


I like the concept of mascara. Being that my eye lashes are so small, it’s hard to find a product that will make my lashes look good without extensions. Not big on extensions. I think this mascara does a good job for making my lashes stand out. I look forward to using it more.

5. Boy Brow 


Tending to my eye brows is a fairly new understanding for me. So when I applied this eye brow liquid to my brows, I was slightly thrown off by how dark they looked. If your wish is to fill in your eye brows, this is definitely for you. I may just need to get used to it, but it came off a little too bold for me.

If you have any of these products from Glossier, let me know how you like theme in the comments!


Much love,



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