My Fenty Thoughts


Rihanna launched a beauty line and I finally got around to trying it.

Foundation is by far one of my favorite beauty products. Skin that looks clear and bright is one of my biggest wants, needs and desires in life. And since I am too impatient (and too lazy) to actually do what I need to do to WORK on my skin, I reach for the sorcery that is foundation on a daily basis.

The foundation shade range that I have above is 445. I went down from the 450 that I had originally tried because it did not have the warmth that I typically look for in a foundation. I was weary on 445, due to the olive undertone, but it began to grow on me the more I used it. I began to like it even more when I paired it with the 440 concealer. Ya’ll…this concealer…Yaasssssss. Now, I am not a concealer enthusiast. Up until now, I had not even understood the real purpose of it. It just seemed like another repetitive notion of putting foundation on top of foundation (to be honest, it still does). But I’ve recently become a fan of having brighter under eyes, while also eliminating dark circles and bags. This Pro Filter concealer is creamy and thick, and blends easily into my skin.

Yes RiRi. Work it.



The primer is nice, but I wouldn’t say that I am in love. I do notice that when I use the foundation and the concealer together, I don’t notice any creases on my face. I’m not sure if it is because of the primer or the foundation, but I would still be interested in trying other primers from different brands after I have finished with this one.

Contouring is a fairly new practice for me. Considering that I am already a dark girl, I found it extremely hard to imagine how something like creating shadows would work for me. But I really do believe that her contour stick is doing a great job of easing me into seeing how contour actually works and should look on a dark girl. I do think I would prefer the use of the liquid concealer with the help of a smaller wand. The large rounded shape of the stick makes it a little hard to do a nose contour. Plus, I’m just obsessed with the creaminess of the liquid concealers.


Lastly, I almost forgot about the Diamond … lip gloss. This was actually the first item that I bought from Fenty. I came across it while shooting a wedding and I saw a member of the bridal party wearing it. While I think it looks great on my lips. I will say that it feels heavy and thick…kind of annoyingly thick, but, it does smell A-mazing. I don’t reach for a gloss often because I do prefer to have a bold color on my lips most days, but I do think that it has a very pretty and “girly” look when I want to switch it up.



I hope you enjoyed this review!


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