My Michelle Obama Inspired Photoshoot

I felt inspired. Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing around with different colorful backgrounds via wrapping paper, but there was something that sparked in me a desire to try and recreate it when I walked past her display of books at Target. I also should add that I was extremely excited when I found out that Michelle Obama would be launching a book regarding her becoming the same year I launched a blog documenting mine.

When creativity knocks, there is about a 100% chance that I will answer. Even if it means that I burn and crash trying to create it. So, I bought a white sweater from Forever 21 that I could manipulate to hang off my shoulder (I never where off the should garments, but I admire them on other women). I also went to Walmart and, yes, purchased more wrapping paper. I went with blue. It was the closes I could find that slightly mimicked her backdrop. I got home, after a really long day, and I went to work. Despite how tired I was. I really needed to do this. I tapped the wrapping paper to the wall, set up my ring light, pulled out my Nikon D3300, attached the 35 mm lens and I went to work.

Let me just say, I had so much fun doing this. White, blue and brown (hehe) are a great artistic match.

Editing took forever. There are just so many ways to do it! I finally had to give up and be content with my creation when I realized it would never look EXACTLY like Michelle Obama’s book cover. Alas, I’m happy with how it turned out. I used the LightRoom app on my phone as well as the VSCO app.

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