Improving My Photography Through Self-Portraits

By now my Instagram friends will hate me. For the past week I’ve been vomiting content on my account multiple times a day. All pictures of me. But it is not without purpose. I’ve had this desire to improve my photography skills for quite some time. Every time I come across a beautiful and unique portrait there is something that just tugs on my heart. It’s like my soul is reminding me of what I really want in life. I find excuse after excuse as my barrier on why I have not worked on my photography and videography more. One of the biggest road blocks is my lack of access to “models”. While I do have friends who have happily agreed to be photographed by me,  working 40 hours a week does provide a limitation in trying to meet up with people. So, instead choosing to wait for opportunities to serve other with my interest and increase my skill set, I’ve decided that I will just focus on photographing myself well in the mean time. There is a photographer (Rosie Hardy) on Instagram that has practically established a career out the self portraits that she takes. I definitely do not want to make a career out of photographing myself, but it did give me the courage to no longer lean on the excuse that I have no one to film or photograph.

Prepare to see a lot more of me.

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