Leaving a Legacy

My heart was broken earlier this week when I logged on to Instagram and learned that a christian woman that I had never met, but really admired, had passed away. Wynter Pitts   was a 38 year old mother of 4 girls as well as a wife of 15 years to her husband. I found her ministry through following Priscilla Shirer and Chrystal Evans Hurst online. And I was truly inspired by the way she aimed to reach young girls, while raising her own.  Sometimes I find myself amazed, and even slightly embarrassed about my own level of faith, when I watch the faith that her high school aged daughter has shared through her own Instagram account.

In hearing this news, I’ve taken away a few major lessons that I am now trying to have a greater understanding  for:

1.) While I may not understand it, God has a plan

I followed her and her family online through social media post as they made a move from Texas to Nashville, TN. They all seemed excited, and ready to embrace the adventure that God had waiting ahead for them. I was excited for them. Excited to see what God would do for them. Never would I have expected her to die a month later. So while I am at a loss for words, I know this is not for me to understand. This must be a part of God’s plan. His plan for that family, and his plan for anyone that she has touched.

2.) How am I advancing the kingdom?

At only 38 years old, Wynter Pitts left a legacy behind her. This speaks to me. It forces me to ask the question of what will my legacy be? It really put into perspective my role as a christ follower on this earth. I think I have taken for granted that while I should enjoy the life and the fruits that God has given me on this earth, I should not forget the work that I have a responsibility to do in advancing the Kingdom. It forces me to look at my life, to look at the way that I live, the activities that I am involved in and the gifts that God has entrusted me with. I can do better.

I want to do better.

I want to leave a legacy.


Much love,




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