My Day at Disney: Pixar Fest Review

Oh Disney…it’s been too long…since last month.

I purchased an annual pass for Disney in December, And I think I’ve gone at least once every month since. I love Disney animation, so Disneyland becomes a natural place for me to go and celebrate the characters that I love watching on screen. When I learned that Disney would be putting on a Pixar Fest to celebrate talking toys and collegiate monsters, I wanted to make sure I made my monthly stop.

HOWEVER…After spending some time walking around, I was sad to see that the Pixar fest was not so festive. Other than a few signs, Pixar related colors, a Pixar Fest merchandise line,  I didn’t notice any special Pixar related goodies.



Toy Story themed garden trimmings


Incredibles themed garden trimmings
Enter a caption


It would have been nice to at least see all of the characters walking around. Or even hear a Pixar related soundtrack throughout the parks. but aside from statues and Pixar movie posters, we really got nothing.

I will, however, give them points for having a theater space dedicated to a Pixar Short Film Festival. Although I didn’t watch them, I thought it was clever and unique.

Anytime I have a planned Disney trip scheduled, I often find myself stressing over what I will ware. But I’ve been finding some issue in the fact that I don’t have any Disney related gear (other than an MU baseball cap that was gifted to me by a friend). So, I made a point to intentionally find something nice, comfortable and preferably Pixar themed that I could enjoy wearing to the parks when I visited.

I fell in love with both the green Mike sweatshirt and the blue Monsters University Varsity sweatshirt.


Do to the comfort, softness and material of the Mike sweatshirt, I opted to go with that one, with the plan to pick up the MU sweatshirt the next time I visited Disney. The green sweatshirt feels awesome, and it could even be used as the perfect, cozy lazy day top to wear around the house. I’m debating on using it as a lazy day costume in October.


I was excited about getting a margarita would be an understatement. I was first introduced to margarita’s at Disneyland California Adventure in December. Rita’s Baja Blenders instantly became apart of my “to-do” list whenever I decided to come to Disney. But it was 11:00AM when the margarita call set in, and Rita’s didn’t open until 12:00 PM.

As I looked around the area, I found another little latin inspired eatery called Cocina Cucamonga Mexican grill. Hello Margaritas!

I decided to pair it with three chicken street tacos. It was good, but not great. But with that said, I still could see myself eating there again. Especially if you are in the mood for Mexican food.


Disney 1


After the margaritas and tacos, my cousin and opted to try other beverages.

I went for a beer called pintail ale. It was dark, and strong….it borderline tasted like it could have been a chemical poison. But I drank every last drop. Next time I’ll just stick to Blue Moon.

Disney 2

My cousin got some type of fancy named mule drink from the Cove that had a very present ginger taste to it.

Disney 4

My sugar intake is already off the charts, but it tends to cross A LOT of lines whenever I visit a theme park. There may or may not have been a sugar and warm churro that was consumed that didn’t make its way unto this blog post.

Disney 6

I’m also getting into Pin collecting. I bought a lanyard to pin this too and it is now hanging  on my bedroom door.

Disney 5

If you plan on going to get a picture with Black Panther, be prepared to wait an hour. We weren’t, so we didn’t. But a picture with this Wakandan solider was a great plan B.

If you are wondering, it’s right arm over left arm when you are striking the Wakanda pose. She made sure to let us know in her most intimidating and perfect Wakandan accent.

Disney 3

I ended my sugar fuel Disney day with a frap. It always seems like a perfect way to conclude a fun and tiring day.

My cousin opted to end hers with beignets at the Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. I had never tried them before and I was intrigued with good they were. Its like a funnel cake, but instead of a waffle like look, they resemble donut holes.



I’m on the search for the perfect Disney ears. And when I say perfect I just mean a style that I instantly fall in love with. I see a lot of cute ones every time I come, but never anything with “Whitney” written all over it. Spoiler alert: I didn’t by the ears pictured here, but I think they are a new addition to the headband ear family. They just weren’t for me.

Disney 8

Although the Pixar fest was WHACK! I really enjoyed myself. I could have stayed hours longer, but we were really looking to beat traffic.

They have until September to get this Pixar fest to be actually, you know, festive. But since this is the opening month, I expected a lot more.

Alas, Disney is still my jam.



Much love,






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