Hello Blogilates

I’ve been trying to find a workout that I could really connect with for years. And when I say connect, I mean something that would put me to WORK, but that I could eventually grow to enjoy, and not something that would be out of my way and too much of a physical turmoil (I’m deeply out of shape). I tried being a regular gym participant, but I couldn’t find or stick with a cardio routine that would get me in the groove of going to the gym on a regular basis. I also tried cycling, but boy, those seats were extremely rough to my butt cheeks. I’m sure I would have gotten used to it, but I still could not bring myself to stay dedicated to visiting a class once a week. My health goals for this year, and the years to come, are to do better, eat better and feel better. But I’ve been struggling with finding the motivation to do so.

The other day, I stumbled across the YouTube channel Blogilates. And now, I’m hooked. It’s run by licensed Pilates instructor, Cassey Ho, who provides her viewers with a series of Pilates workout videos and healthy recipes to introduce into their lives. The beauty about this workout is that the only thing you really need is an exercise mat and any electronic device that allows you to watch YouTube. No gyms, no memberships, no equipment, no fees. Just me, my mat, and YouTube. I did one of her videos yesterday and another today. Believe me when I say it was WORK. I had to stop several times. And my body still feels it hours later. But it’s a good feeling. That feeling that you’ve done something great for your body and that after a while you will really begin to see some results. It’s a great feeling.

The best part about her at-home, no fees, workout channel is that she encourages you with some extremely easy and affordable recipes to compliment it with. Beginning in May, I’m going to embark on a 28 day reset challenge, where I follow a list of foods that I found while exploring Cassey’s blog.

I will definitely be updating the blog on this journey. I hope that you will be encouraged too.

Here are two videos by Cassey that will give you a taste of what her Blogilates channel is like.



Much love,


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