DIY Spring Photo Booth

It’s Springtime. Which means it’s the perfect time to take bright, pretty pictures in front of colorful backgrounds. I’m so down.

In order to really get in the spirit of the springtime and Easter fun. I decided that it would be a corky and cute idea to make a photo booth backdrop.

Here is what I used:

1. Artificial Grass Rug ($20.00 from


2. Faux Flowers ($.99 per bouquet at the dollar store. I spent about $10.00)


3. Glue gun and glue sticks (You can buy this in a pack together at target for $4.99)


4. Props! (You don’t need these, but they might make your Photo Booth all the more fun.


Once you have all of your materials, you want to open up your rug and lay it on the ground. After this, you will start to pull the heads of the flower off of the stems and place them on the rug any way that you would like. Then bring out your gun and glue them in place.


I have a background prop stand, so I was able to use that to stand it up. but if you may try gluing two or three clothing hangers to the back of the drop and using that as a means to hang it behind you.

It creates a superfine way for you to celebrate springtime with friends.

I opted to use mines at my church’s Easter Service



Have fun!


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