Cranberry Chicken Salad Recipe

I’m no chef. But when I find a recipe that is simple enough to commit to memory so that I can make it on demand, I’ve found a winner. That is exactly the case with this cranberry chicken salad. I found it about a year or two ago when I was trying to find easy recipies to meal prep.

First,  it begins with the chicken

I found two cans of Chunky, shredded chicken breast at a Walmart grocery chain for just under $5.00.


Next, I chop up some celery into small little bits and I throw them in with the chicken.


Next, I throw in about a handful of dried cranberries. The saltiness mixed with sweet is an awesome touch.


Bring out the mayonnaise. I’m not too big on Mayonnaise, but it does serve it’s purpose.

I used about three or four heaping table spoons of Mayonnaise.


Now it’s time for my favorite ingredient.

When I made this recipe two years ago, this seasoning was the best thing to come away from it. All purpose greek seasoning is literally great for EVERYTHING. Find it, love it, value it. There is a chance that you will never go back.

Throw this in with the mix and add some savor.


And Voila! I didn’t add any measurements because all of this could really be seasoned to taste. The only thing I would avoid going too crazy on are the mayonnaise and the greek seasoning.

But when your done, spread it on a cracker, some bread or a cucumber and enjoy.



Happy eating,


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