Christian Instagram Accounts to Follow to Encourage You in Your Singleness

I love a good Instagram account. This is the one social media site where I literally could get lost on for hours if I allowed myself. Since I’m on this journey to truly stay hopeful, faithful and pure in my singleness, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts that have helped encourage me the most as I walk through this journey of singleness. Here are my top three:








It’s a great account for anyone who needs a random dose of wisdom, truth and comic relief throughout this journey.



Bethany is actually one of the co-founders of a ministry title, Girl Defined, however she provides a very personal touch as a woman who only entered her first relationship as a 29 year-old woman in 2017. As she is navigating this new season in her life, she is great about reminding her followers of her humble and long awaited background. A great example of God presenting someone to you that you never saw coming.



Jamie Grace is an amazing singer who has released several albums with songs every christian girl could identify with. But her social media presence is just as encouraging when it comes to walking a road of singleness. Along with Instagram, she is actively involved in creating YouTube videos and podcast that bring about a lot of “single” insight as well.


When it comes to encouragement in navigating, surviving and making the most of our single life, the first and final word should always come from the Word of God. But it is also uplifting to see that there are others who truly identify with you and where you are in life. These accounts are great for that.


If you have any tips on great Instagram accounts to follow for single christian girls and women, comment below!




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