Two Weeks of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner…On $75

So I am trying it. I’ve been attempting to find a basic and cost effective meal plan to stick to for years. Every two weeks, food consumes my paycheck. I’ve been trying to find a way around it, but the truth remains that I just do not know how to meal plan.

It is easy for me to get down on myself and give up when I fail, but in the game of conquering my finances and promoting a healthy life, there is no falling off the horse without an attempt to get back on. Money and food will be apart of my life for the rest of my life. As a result, I should probably used this to master over it before they master over me.

Let’s begin with breakfast:

Week 1

We can keep it simple with cereal and milk.

Granola cereal: $4.00

Milk: $2.98 (per cart)


Week 2

I really like the idea of avocado toast, but I wanted to find a way to limit how much bread I would consume in a single day. So, I opted for lightly salted rice cakes.

Rice Cakes: $2.00

Wholly Avocado Packages: $4.00


Now it’s time for lunch!

Week One

I’m keeping it simple with turkey sandwiches with a roasted red pepper hummus spread.

Bread: $3.00 (The Artesano bakery bread is awesome, so soft!)

Sabra Hummus: $4.00

Turkey: $7.00 (It’s a lot of turkey)


Week Two

I think I’m going to try and mix it up with a cranberry chicken salad sandwich.

Bread: $4.00

Can of chicken breast: $4.00

Mayo: $3.00

Cranberries: $3.00

Celery: $2.00

Greek seasoning: $4.00



Now Its time for Dinner!

Week One & Two

I haven’t been to great about adding variety here, so I am still working on my dinner meal plan. But as of now, I loved the idea of oven baked salmon and kale, the store that I went to did not have the kale that I wanted so I had to settle for spinach. I did, however, leave a couple of nights off for some pasta.

Salmon: $10.00

Spinach/Kale: $4.00

Pasta Noodles: $4.00

Pasta Sauce: $3.00




Oh yes…

Sargento Balanced Breaks: $3.00

Celery: Left over from the chicken salad

Ranch: $2.00



My job has a water cooler, so when it comes to breakfast and lunch, I will be consuming as much of it as possible. But for dinner, I like to leave a little flavor.

La Croix: $4.00

Juice: $3.00



In total, this all equals up to $75.98 for breakfast, lunch and dinner split between two weeks. I am still in the testing phases of this meal and budgeting plan, but so far I would have to say that the avocado rice cakes are a definite win, and so is the salmon. I may however add a bag of rice to my meal plan, and maybe a different brand of pasta.

Do you have a meal plan? Share your tips in the comments section!


Happy eating,


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