Clip System Wallet by Rachel Cruze

I’ve been a fan of Rachel Cruze for some time now. It’s nice to a have a feminine and youthful voice to the message that Dave Ramsey has been sharing for years. The message on staying debt free and living within your means has been one that I have been trying to articulate since receiving my Bachelors. Through God’s grace, I’ve had some major wins when it comes to jumping over the inevitable debt monster that is school loans. But now, as I am trying to maneuver my new career and my new income,  I am trying to find a way to become wise, giving and crafty with my money.

In an effort to do this, I decided to purchase Rachel Cruze’s clip system wallet. It is her version of the envelope system that is encouraged by Dave Ramsey. It came in the mail two weeks ago and I am excited to walk you through what I received.

Let’s get to it!

When it arrived in the mail, the first thing that I noticed was that the teal box that it came in was nice. One of those “I’m going to find something to use this for” kind of nice.


It opened to a nicely wrapped leather wallet that I was eager to get my hands on.


And here she is.


The wallet comes with clips as a means to divide your money into what you need to pay for. The goal here is to try and use cash as much as possible when you need to make a purchase. You are most likely to spend less when doing so.


The one thing I will say is that the wallet is fairly heavy, like…knock you out heavy. And that is without adding anything to it. But you do get use to it.


This is a clip of Rachel Cruze showcasing her wallet on the Rachel Ray show. If your interested on hearing her tips on saving money, trying buying or renting her book from your local library and checking out her YouTube channel.

Happy Saving,


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