Lush Gift Sets – Treat Yourself

It’s nice to give gifts to yourself. For no apparent reason at all. I love a good bubble bath. I also love a creative way to take and prepare a bubble bath. That’s why Lush has become one of my favorite places to purchase bath soaps and soaks.

If you’ve ever been into a Lush store before, you know that their walls are lined with shelves that are filled with colorfully wrapped gifts of all different shapes. This past weekend I opted to gift myself with one instead of hand picking out the bath products as I normally do.

Just because.

I chose the “Sweetest Thing” giftbox that retailed at about $17.00.


The gift set came with both a shower cream and bubble bar.



The cream has the sweet smell of raspberries and a little shimmer to match along with it. However, if you are looking to use this as a bubble bath, don’t bother. The suds became quickly nonexistent when I placed them under running water.


This bubble bar also carries a sweet and subtle smell. To preserve it, it is best to break it into small pieces. Using one for each bubble bath that you choose to delight in until the bar is completely gone. For any newbies to this product, bubbles are attained when pieces of this bar are crushed with your fingers under running water. It also turns the water a little pink to my colorful delight.


It’s fun to unwrap gifts. Even if it’s something that you have purchased for yourself. Lush does a good job of offering every bubble bath lover a chance to gift others with such a unique product or to allow individuals to enjoy it themselves. Just because.

Happy Gifting,


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